GAMT Public Health System Impact Assessment Educational Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Elizabeth Jones
Thanks for joining us for today's webinar. Please use the chatbox for questions.
APHL Staff
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Sondra Rosendahl
Are the false positive NICU babies newborns that are low birth weight or are they term infants who are seriously ill? Are you seeing any transfusion impacts? Thank you!
Mark Morrissey
I should pull data for this and I'll work on that. If I can share I'll forward to Jelili. It's my impression that the false positives are less dependent on birth weight than some of the other false positive disorders such as the IVA.
John Thompson
@ Kim - what was the age at collection of the second screen for the true(+) case? Do second screens have lower GUAC levels than firsts?
debra freedenberg
What percent of babies who had an out of range GAMT testing on first screen had a normal second screen for GAMT?
Mark Morrissey
Again, I don't have a percentage, but for NYS I would say most of them. Almost of our requests for repeat samples resolve as screen negative rather than a referral.
John Thompson
Thanks Kim!
Heidi Wallis
Without treatment, the GUAC will not get anywhere near the normal range despite the drop between the first and second screens. The families I know that start treatment after clinical diagnosis have had a GUAC between 9-22.
Tory Kaye
@Mark, did you say babies are referred after a positive second (or now first) screen, and not waiting for DNA? If so, would more than 6 babies have been referred? Or did I miss understand something? Thanks!
Denise Kay
Hi Tory, We refer regardless of whether or not variants are detected. In 2021, we tested 6 by DNA and all were referred. There were no additional referrals.
Mark Morrissey
The decision is on the second tier screen (now first tier) and the DNA is supplemental. So the six referrals are six samples over the cut-off of 5 for GUAC and 12 for GUAC*1000/Cre. Waiting for the DNA is somewhat situational. For a normal baby with no NICU we might wait the extra day to have the DNA data. For a NICU baby we generally make the call right away so the Doc's can have our information, even if it is not GAMT deficiency.
Tory Kaye
Got it! Thanks
Tiasha Letostak
ACHDNC meeting info: https://www.hrsa.gov/advisory-committees/heritable-disorders/index.html
Elizabeth Jones
Thanks for joining us. We look forward to receiving your PHSI survey.
Sikha Singh
Ruthanne Sheller
Sikha Singh
APHL Staff
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